Falco Sopron

Since its foundation in 1956, the company has played a leading role in the Hungarian office furniture market.

Between 1996 and 2002 sales more than doubled.

The recession on the market and in the branch has led to – through a change of ownership – the renewal of the company.

The essence of the new situation is that it unites the former assets of the company with the advantages provided by the new owner.

Our customers have always seen our company as a reliable partner that produces furniture with good price-value ratios and that operates in a “German” order.

The product range of the reorganized company follows market needs in a more flexible way. The former range has been increased by mobile and fitted furniture, space dividers and wall-boards enabling us to furnish health care-, and educational buildings, hotels and other community spaces.



Foundation of the company that starts its operation under the name “Wood Particle Processing Cooperative Company”.


The first experimental particleboard is made. The first products made of natural wood particles are prepared by the end of the year.


The mass production of the first office furniture made of natural particleboards begins.


The company produces and sells three types of products: particleboards, office and home furniture and prefabricated building structures.


The operation unit of the Szombathely-based FALCO Co.


The company continues to operate as Falco-Sopron Furniture Ltd.


March: as the result of conscious privatization the company is completely taken over by the largest German office furniture producing group, SCHAERF AG and continues to operate under the name “Falco-Sopron Office Furniture Ltd”.

1995: December: the Dutch SAMAS group becomes the majority shareholder of Schaerf AG.


November: establishing a chair manufacturing production unit - SITAG Hungary Office Chair Manufacturing Ltd (Company owner: Falco Sopron Ltd, licensor: SITAG AG Switzerland)

December: the company receives the ISO-9001 Certificate.


January: in accordance with the international image change of Samas, the company adopts the name SAMAS Hungary.

June: SITAG Hungary Office Chair Manufacturing Ltd merges into SAMAS Hungary Ltd, and the two companies have been working together since then.


A Hungarian-owned, professional investment group buys Samas Hungary Ltd following the financial crisis of Samas in Germany. The company returns to the name “FALCO-SOPRON Furniture Ltd”.


Falco-Sopron Furniture Ltd carries out technological developments, replaces the machines in the production line. As a result, the company has realized a so-called „MASS CUSTOMIZED” manufacturing system that enables us to meet individual and mass production needs. Our latest machine can carry out revolutionary zero-grout, bonding-grout-free, laser edge closing.